Reports are starting to emerge concerning the mental state of the co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, in the days and weeks that preceded his intentional crashing of Germanwings 9525.  I’ve been in Frankfurt for the last few days and have been watching and reading the local media and trying to make sense of the findings.

What I’m seeing:

-Lubitz had gone to a medical clinic in Dusseldorf 2 weeks ago at which point he was given a medical note concerning a diagnosis.  Apparently this diagnosis was severe enough that it would give him a medical reason to not fly as a pilot.

-There is the suggestion that a personal relationship may have soured recently.    Apparently he had also bought 2 vehicles a few weeks ago but details surrounding the transaction remain unclear.  It is unknown for whom the vehicles were for, though he did take delivery of one of them recently.

-Documents dating as far back as 2009 demonstrated that he underwent serious episodes of depression at which point he took a sabbatical from the cockpit and was receiving treatment for 18 months.  After completing his treatment, he re-qualified as a pilot by completing all of the required qualifying exams and certifications.

-Media outlets have been interviewing those that were close to Lubitz.  In one instance a former girlfriend (referred to by the media as Mary W.) indicated that he suggested to her that  ‘One day I will do something that will change the whole system, and then all will know my name and remember it’.  She had also suggested that he was suffering from ‘Burnout Syndrome’.

Tragically, the details behind his motivation are becoming very clear.   Kudos to the investigators for being able to piece together such a complicated scenario in such short order which is hopefully allowing friends and family to begin the healing process.