Prosecutors in France have acknowledged that the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) from Germanwings 9525 has been recovered at the crash scene.  No further information is yet available, however French authorities will hold  press conference tonight (Local time) to discuss the discovery.   The contents of the FDR have not yet been extracted or reviewed at this point.    The FDR contains all of the telemetry of the aircraft including all data on gages and aircraft flight settings and will provide critical data about the state of the aircraft leading up to the crash.

In other news regarding 4U 9525, Dusseldorf’s Public Prosecutor’s Office has released the findings of a search of the Co-Pilot’s Tablet PC.   In their findings, the prosecutors office is stating that the Co-Pilot had in the days preceding the crash searched the internet for topics related to suicide and security of cockpit doors.   The search for these topics took place between March 16 and March 23, 2015.