As part of the ongoing transition that will see germanwings take over most intra-Germany and short haul european routes from Lufthansa, an update for the winter 2013-14 timetable has been published.  This update lists flights that will be operated by germanwings beginning October 27, 2013:


Berlin (TXL) – Birmingham will operate 6x/week

Berlin (TXL) – Bologna will operate 6x/week

Berlin (TXL) – Bucharest will operate 3x/week (Starting Nov 13)

Berlin (TXL) – Catania will operate 2x/week (Starting Nov 5)

Berlin (TXL) – Geneva will operate 5x/week

Berlin (TXL) – Malaga will operate 1x/week

Berlin (TXL) – Milan Linate will operate 6x/week (Starting Nov 27)

Berlin (TXL) – Nuremberg will operate11/x week

Berlin (TXL) – Rome will operate 4x/week (Starting Nov 13)

Berlin (TXL) – Vienna will operate 6x/week

Hamburg – Moscow(VKO) will operate 4x/week

More updates are certain to occur and I’ll bring them to your attention as they happen.   Keep in mind that these flights will not count as Star Alliance member operated flights and therefore do not have Star Alliance benefits associated with them (Miles accrual, priority boarding, etc).
For those of you not familiar with what has been happening, Lufthansa in 2012 made a decision to create a stand-alone Low Cost Carrier within the Lufthansa Group.  LH decided to use it’s germanwings subsidiary to become the sole low cost carrier for the group and it will serve the routes that Lufthansa used to fly in the past.   These routes primarily comprise intra-German and European short haul routes.    Any flights into and out of Munich and Frankfurt however will still be flown by Lufthansa.