I always enjoy watch airport operations and ‘germanwings’ has done a great job putting together a time-lapse video showing the progression of  a germanwings flight.   This 1.5 minute video captures the essence of a typical germanwing flight up through takeoff.   The video starts with a ramp view of the aircraft being fueled, the proceeds to check-in, baggage handling, boarding, taxi and takeoff.    Its stuff like this that us ‘avgeeks’ never get tired!

The video was taken at the Köln/Bonn and features a germanwings Airbus sporting the new livery.   germanwings has an impressive and extensive  YouTube channel that is worth checking out!

For those of you not familiar with germanwings, they are Lufthansa Group’s ‘low cost carrier’ airline that serves intra-german and intra-european routes.    Lufthansa is currently in the process of consolidating the majority of it’s short haul operations into germanwings. germanwings ‘officially’ becomes the LCC on July 1, 2013.