Thanks to Flynet (I’m enroute from FRA to home in the states), I’m seeing German newspaper Bild Am Sonntag is reporting that the Copilot who crashed Germanwings flight 9525 may have been suffering with a detached retina, which may have led to the depression that he was said to be dealing with.

German media is also reporting that investigators had found a number of medications in his apartment that are used for the treatment of depression and that he had been treated by a number of psychiatrists and neurologists.

In these same reports, Police are said to have found notes written by the copilot that suggest evidence of ‘Severe Overstress Syndrome’.

It also appears that the identity of 50 victims has been established.   Investigators are using DNA samples taken from family members of the victims in order to establish their identity.

State Prosecutors in Dusseldorf are expected to provide updates at some point on Monday.