If you’ve run out of ideas for gifts for friends and family, Brussels Airlines may have a good option for you. Between now and 31 December, Brussels is running what I think is an interesting Holiday fare promotion that makes it easy to give the gift of travel.

b.gift fares allow you to buy airfare for up to 3 people who can travel together on the same ticket at the sames time. It’s a great way to give families and friends the ability to travel where they choose and on their own timeline. Its also a great opportunity for you to reward yourself and your family with a respite after a busy Holiday season. It’s also a fantastic way to help your loved ones come and visit you as well!

The b.gift fares are extremely attractive and cover all of Brussels’ European destinations, from Malaga to Vilnius and every point in between!

The b.fare pricing breakdown is as follows:

1 Person b.gift: €99
2 Person b.gift: €198
3 person b.gift: €297

The key part of these fares is that everyone named on the b.gift ticket has to travel together at the same time, on the same flights, to the same destination.

The b.gift promotion will continue until 31 December, so there is plenty of time to take advantage of it. The only requirements are that travel needs to be booked between December 26 and March 23 and travel must take place between 1 January and 31 March.

To take advantage of this Holiday Promotion, please visit the Brussels Airlines b.gift webpage.