For those of you who know me (there’s maybe 8 of you), you know that I’ve been a fan of Iron Maiden for the Majority of my 44 years on this rock, going all the way back to my days in Elementary School.

Over the past few years, its been no secret that Iron Maiden has used chartered aircraft to help them get from concert to concert when they are on world-wide tour.   First, it was a 757 that helped them get around the world on 3 tours that began in 2008.

Now for their most recent tour celebrating their ‘Book Of Souls’ album, the band upped their game and got their hands on a 747-400 from Air Atlanta Icelandic to help them get around even more effectively than with the 757.

Photo courtesy of Iron Maiden

Photo courtesy of Iron Maiden

The absolute best part of this?   Their lead singer, Bruce Dickinson, often serve as the Captain for the flights.   Yes, the lead singer of one of the world’s greatest bands has a license to fly the heavies!    In fact, Lufthansa featured him in an interview in their in-flight magazine back in September 2013.

Since February, the latest version of ‘Ed Force One’ has been seen around the world as the band travels on tour.   There have been a lot of great photos taken of the exterior, but now, thanks to a Daily Mail feature, we have a chance to look inside, behind the scenes, one of the coolest airplanes currently in the air.