Lufthansa has just released news that it will operated all scheduled Long Haul flights in and out of Frankfurt tomorrow.   Initially, this was not to be the case but thanks to a group of pilots willing to fly in spite of the strike, passengers scheduled to fly on long haul flights will face minimal inconvenience.

Lufthansa however was forced to augment some of the Long Haul timetable for tomorrow so flights may not depart or arrive based on their original schedule.   If you are flying Long Haul on LH tomorrow, please use this link to check the status of your flight to see what the new times may be.   Additionally, Lufthansa will be sending emails and text messages to affected passengers.

As far as the remainder of the strike, it is still scheduled to take place tomorrow between 8a and 4p (CEST) and will impact domestic and European flights in and out of FRA.