Recently I attended a “Lufthansa Academy” session in New York where journalists gathered to listen to Lufthansa discuss their initiatives and plans on a variety of subject matter.   Last week’s session focused solely on how Lufthansa handles fuel — everything from sourcing and pipeline partnerships, bio-fuel, hedging, etc. was covered.    I wound up taking 15 pages of notes and will summarize the session into a few posts in the near future.

During my time in NY, I also had the opportunity to discuss fleet management with a few people from Lufthansa and gained insights into the future distribution of the 747-8i fleet and what new cities may see her in the near future (i.e. I just might know where she’s going next).    Based on these conversations and knowing where the -8i is going next, I think it’s a great reason to put together a bit of a contest that will award a lucky winner a Lufthansa Fan Gift Pack.

The contest will focus on which Non-USA city will be the next city to be “Awarded” the 747-8i.   I won’t provide a list of cities to choose  from since that may tip you off, so you’ll need to think of a city yourself and leave it as a comment in this thread.    Listing ONE city as a comment will act as your entry.  You can leave multiple comments if you have more than one city in mind.

Please note that I said NON-US City.   There is already much speculation about the next US destination and most people have an idea of what it is thus making it inappropriate to include a US city in the contest.   Also note that a city that has seen the 747-8i in the past and is getting it back (like Bangalore) is NOT ELIGIBLE and will not count as a new city.
The contest will be open for entries until MY EMAIL TIME STAMP on Lufthansa’s Press Release from FRANKFURT that reveals the next destination.   I’m using the FRANKFURT press release instead of the USA based press release because the FRANKFURT one is usually released a few hours before the USA version.


What’s in the Fan Pack?   Let’s just say it will be a Quackin’ good one!


A few of terms and conditions for the contest:

*Entry can only be made by leaving a comment to this thread.

*Only one City can be listed per entry.  Entries/Comments with multiple cities will be deleted.

*No limits on the amount of entries.

*If there is more than 1 eligible winning entry, all eligible entries will be assigned a number and a random number generator will select the winner.