Today marks the 18th year of my marital bliss and like any decent fellow I thought to surprise my wife at work with flowers to acknowledge her sacrifice.   I figure it would be a nice change of pace for her day in between operating rooms and surgeries that typically take up her time.

So with flowers ordered a few days in advance, the surprise was set and I spent this morning waiting for her to let me know that the bouquet had arrived.    So at about midday, they finally show up and we exchange a few messages (Me in the blue):



Typically when an occasion requires flowers I always suggest we do it through United Mileage Plus because of the huge multipliers you get for ordering flowers using FTD, etc. through the MileagePlus shopping portal.   But in this case I ordered them from a local florist who I know and trust not to screw up something like flowers for an anniversary.  So sadly no 20x miles from United for a way overpriced handful of flowers from an FTD dealer.

However, it does put a smile on my face that my wonderful wife, in midst of talking about our anniversary, is concerned about how many miles I’ll earn for celebrating it.  I’m pretty lucky! 🙂