Chances are slim that you have, but some of you may have had the pleasure of seeing the Airfield if you have ever paid a visit to the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany.

The Miniatur Wunderland is an amazing collection of 8 unique “Worlds” built in miniature form. It’s home to the world’s largest model railroad, along with other impressive displays that pay tribute to Austria, The United States, Switzerland and Scandinavia. In addition, there are fictional displays of the towns of Harz and Knuffingen.

Knuffingen Airport is what caught my eye when Flyertalk member “AussieOzzie” brought the Wunderland to my attention. After reading about the detail, work and cost that has gone into just the airport part of the Wunderland, it has very quickly made it to the top of my travel destination “Wish List”.

The Airport took 4 YEARS to complete and as it sits today, covers 150 square meters and is a perfect replica of a fully functional airport. It has 48 aircraft that simulate takeoff, landing and taxi along with functional airport service vehicles, jet bridges, complete lighting and even sound effects. Costing nearly €4 million to construct, it has to be the world’s most expensive airport when measured on a per meter basis!

The statisics are impressive and endless so instead of going through all of them here, please use this link to see the FACT SHEET for the airport.

To get a taste of the Wunderland please take the time and watch the following video. It covers many of the highlights of the Wunderland. The attention to detail is simply amazing!


To see literally hundreds of Wunderland related videos on Youtube, please use this link to be taken to the video listings.

If you’re an “AVGEEK” like me, this Airport should probably make it to your travel “bucket” list. I would love to hear from anyone who has actually visited the Wunderland!