I normally don’t reach out to you asking for help but in this case I am making an exception…..


LUFTHANSA has been nominated as one of the finalists in SimpliFlying’s 2014 award for Best Airline In Social Media and there’s good reason for it!   When you consider LH’s presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Google +, Pinterest and other social media outlets, it’s easy to see that they are among the most active and effective airlines when it comes to Social Media interaction with passengers and fans and why they deserve a vote!

For example, Lufthansa has 12 Twitter accounts,  each for a different region of the world that they serve so that passengers have a local exposure to the airline and in many cases, in their native language.   This doesn’t include Twitter accounts by other LH Group companies or divisions, but strictly for the passenger airline division.   After doing the math,  Lufthansa’s passenger airline Twitter accounts have sent out over 68,000 Tweets to over 377,000 Followers around the world.


In addition to their active presence on Twitter, Lufthansa has also built quite a portfolio of other Social Media outlets:



Lufthansa: This is the main Facebook page for Lufthansa with a whopping 1.7 million likes and is one of Lufthansa’s main Social Media outlets.  Visitors will find up to date information on flight operations, contests and promotions.   Visitors can also post messages for Lufthansa.

Lufthansa USA:  Over 110,000 “Likes” and the source of helpful information, customer service and contests and like the main Facebook page, visitors can ask questions directly to Lufthansa representatives who’ll help resolve travel related issues.



Lufthansa’s Channel:  With well over 200 videos, Lufthansa uses YouTube to take you behind the scenes on a variety of topics of interest to passengers and ‘avgeeks’.   You’ll find everything from Aircraft videos to employees who take you behind the scenes at the airline.   Over 16,300 Subscribers receive regular updates and access to new content!


Google +:

Lufthansa Google+:   LH launched their Google+ account on June 25, and are using the outlet to share fantastic aviation related content.  You’ll find a variety of Lufthansa related video and photo content including vintage looks at the history of airline.   They are actively adding content to build this new channel and it’s worth a visit and a ‘Follow’.



Lufthansa Instagram:  Lufthansa uses its Instagram account to reach over 33,000 followers with great images of       Lufthansa destinations, aircraft and special events.



        Lufthansa Tumblr:  LH uses Tumblr to share content that is typically important to passengers including information on fleet enhancements and normal airline news.  You’ll also find occasional games and contests on here as well.



Lufthansa Pinterest:  Here you’ll find ’10 Boards’ designed specifically for the Lufthansa passenger.   The LH Pinterest page features travel tips and helpful information on a variety of topics.


Now that you are a bit more familiar with the reach that Lufthansa has through a variety of Social Media outlets, I hope that you can see your way to vote for Lufthansa and their Social Media team.   Winning the category becomes a major bragging right for the winner since few travel industry award programs recognize marketing or social media.

After nearly 4 years of getting to know the teams personally both in the USA and Germany, I can genuinely say you couldn’t vote for a nicer group of individuals! 🙂

Voting for the award closes on Friday, August 8 at Midnight US Eastern time.

Paid for by the  ‘Friends Of Lufthansa’ SuperPac and they approve this message….   😉