No visit to Hong Kong is complete without taking a few moments (or hours….) to appreciate the city’s skyline. It’s perhaps the world’s most beautiful urban landscape (and this coming from a native New Yorker!). Even after 3 trips to Hong Kong in the last year, I am not tired of appreciating it and capturing as many photos as I can!

On my previous trip during the Christmas season, most of the buildings were adorned in festive lighting. This time only one building was already in the holiday spirit so I had the opportunity to capture images that were different than on previous visits.

Please note that I had to reduce the size of my original files to 1024×768 in order to upload them. If you would like a full size copy of the file, please let me know. I took these photos in RAW format so the photos can be processed to be as large as posters.

I don’t have much else to say since the view says it all. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed being there to take them!

Government helicopter leaves from Hong Kong

The following picture is of The Peak Tower on Hong Kong as seen from Kowloon (with a bit of zoom!). The “Peak” provides an outstanding view from the “back” of Hong Kong looking towards Kowloon. I visited The Peak on a previous trip and was able to capture these images.

Beginning Of Sunset

Last Rays......

During The Nightly Light Show