A week ago I returned to Hong Kong for 2 days to take advantage of a 100% route mile bonus for Chicago-Hong Kong-Chicago and to squeeze out another 100% mile bonus as a United Premium Executive before the program changes on March 3 and reduces elite mile bonuses. This trip came in handy, because the miles earned helped me book a first class ticket on Swiss for later this year. (Continental OnePass is now showing Swiss flights available for award travel!)–H/T to Lucky.

I had previously been to Hong Kong on a mileage run in December (you can read about that great trip here and here) and had stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong (you can read my report on the fantastic Diplomat Suite here). This time, I chose to stay at the Hyatt Regency in Kowloon to sample a different Hyatt property as well as to be more centrally located in Kowloon. This would afford me to see different things than on my previous trip.

The Regency, located at 18 Hanoi Road in the Tsim Sha Tsui neighborhood of Kowloon is another fantastic property. It is in a perfect location, just minutes away from fantastic shopping on Nathan Rd, a short walk to Temple St and also has a tube station literally across the street. There are also great places to eat (noodle shops, sushi, etc) within a few steps of the property.

It does a have quirky entrance. You come in at street level of course, but then you have to go up 3 floors to the lobby, and then change elevators in order to get to the room. No bother at all, just a little detour.

Perhaps not as opulent as the Grand, but it is an excellent property nevertheless. During this stay, I elected to use one of my Suite Upgrades as a result of being a ‘Diamond’ level member in Hyatt’s Gold Passport program and I would not be disappointed. The hotel was very clean, and the staff was efficient and effective. You can quickly tell that this is more of a hotel for a business traveller rather than a family on holiday.

The Regency Club at this property is terrific. I had breakfast there each morning and the food was outstanding. Separate islands were set up and each had a wide variety of Fruits and Pastries. You can also order breakfast off of an ‘A La Carte’ menu as well. The Club is located on the 23rd floor, so the view of the harbor was terrific.

The property has direct access to the “K11Art Mall” which is situated in the same building. Its a 6 story mall that offers great dining and shopping options. There is a great grocery store in the mall that has everyday items, so if you want to see what the locals are buying for dinner, take a quick walk through the store.

For golf fans like myself, there’s even a dedicated TaylorMade store complete with fitting services. Just remember if you buy anything, you may want to buy 1 size up from your normal size. Things tend to run a bit small outside the US. Wonder what the rest of the world is trying to say about us….

Within the mall is a restaurant called Empire City Roasted Duck. The menu looked great and I am ALWAYS in the mood for duck so that made it an easy decision. Their Peking Duck did not disappoint and I also had the chance to try Shark Fin Soup for the first time. The soup reminded me of egg drop soup but with the addition of the Shark Fin actually made it quite good.

Images of Lunch:

Peking Duck: Crispiest Skin EVER

The Sides

Paper Thin Wrappers

My First Ever Bowl Of Shark Fin Soup

The hotel has 3 restaurants and a bar:

Hugo’s: Serves typical western cuisine. They are know for their table side cooking.
The Chinese Restaurant: Serves Cantonese specialities and is set in a modern art deco theme.
The Cafe: Its part buffet and part cooking station. Offering a wide variety of options.
Chin Chin Bar: Typical hotel bar set in a Chinese styled theme. They do have quite the Single Malt Scotch collection.

I had only tried “The Cafe” for a quick and late dinner. I was too lazy to venture outside the hotel one evening and decided to try the Cafe. While it was “OK”, I don’t recommend eating there unless you too are too lazy to take 20 steps outside the hotel to a noodle shop. I wound up spending about $50USD for 2 helpings of their cooking stations and buffets. I dont think I spent a combined $50 on all my other meals at the the various noodle shops and food stands during my 2 1/2 days in Hong Kong.

The Cafe experience not withstanding, I think its a great property and a great value considering its location. I recommend it for someone staying in Kowloon.

Comparing it to the Grand Hyatt however, I would recommend the Grand over the Regency. In my opinion I think the Grand is a more “polished” hotel that makes it obvious that your stay is their most important one. The Regency lacked that “personalized” feeling, which is fine, but just something that I noticed.

I’ll end this report with pictures of the view from the suite which were great. There are two buildings that get in the way a little bit on the left and right side of your view, but they hardly affect what you get to see.

Here are photos of the Harbor View Suite:

Entrance / Foyer

The Sitting Room

The Very Nice & Large Bathroom

The Bedroom - Large Windows Provide View Of Harbor

The View From The Harbor Suite:

Other trip reports covering the rest of the trip will be coming soon.