Though a gloomy and rainy day in GRR, a bright spot soon appeared when I came home and found a Rimowa box waiting for me by our front door. I had ordered myself a present and knew it was coming, but did not realize that it would just be a few days from order to arrival.

In the box was something that I had wanted since I first saw it on Lufthansa’s Worldshop website a couple of months ago.

As part of the celebration surrounding Lufthansa’s new Boeing 747-8i, Rimowa introduced a new line of luggage to mark the occasion. They took their popular SILVER INTEGRAL line and enhanced it with some subtle color and trim influences from the 747-8i’s First Class cabin to create a unique line of commemorative 747-8i luggage only available through Worldshop stores in Frankfurt and Munich as well as the website.

In this “case” I had ordered the Cabin Trolley to replace my existing Rimowa Bolero which has been with me for a few years and is still in great shape. The Bolero is made from nearly indestructable polycarbonate, and I had always wanted an aluminum Rimowa, so this worked out perfectly!

It felt a bit like Christmas in August as I unpacked the case. Once out of the box, it looked even better than it did in any photo that I had seen of it.

With several long haul trips coming up including Singapore, Hong Kong, Slovakia and two to Germany, I can’t wait to put the new case through it’s paces!

Clean and modern lines as you would expect from Rimowa

Telescoping handle has dozens of adjustable positions

Sturdy TSA locks along with leather handle and tasteful trim

Interior is beautifully trimmed and comes with inserts for clothing to prevent wrinkling

The case without the insert

Considering the size, there is a fair amount of capacity

Great curb appeal

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