I was looking at airfares in April to Germany after Lufthansa announced their Easter Business Class Specials and I was mildly surprised at what I found on United.com. For travel in April I am seeing First Class fares in the $4500-$5500 range depending on the originating flight from the US. Keep in mind this is as of 7p EST on 23 December.

For example, for me to fly from Chicago to Frankfurt, departing April 10 and returning April 17, the fare came to $5200 with the outbound being in United’s First Class cabin and return on a Lufthansa flight in First Class.

From Newark and Boston on the same dates, I came up with fares as low as $4500 All Inclusive and traveling on Lufthansa Aircraft in both directions.

When I tried looking for the same fares on Lufthansa.com, they were coming back at the more typical $13-15k range.

I don’t know how long these fares will be at these levels, but they are extremely attractive for a premium class.

As I searched through, these low fares were scattered throughout the month of April, with some dates having these lower fares, and other date combinations have the full price First Class fares. So as they say: “your miles may vary” and I can’t guarantee that you’ll find these fares at a given time, but for now, I’m seeing them out there.

I thought I’d share this with you in case you are thinking about travel to Germany or other destinations in Europe in April. At this point the opportunity exist to experience United’s and Lufthansa’s First Class Services for the price of what would normally be a Business Class ticket. With these low First Class fares, its even easier to go and grab your self a Duck from the Lufthansa First Class Lounges and Terminal!! 🙂