Lufthansa has for quite some time provided the facilities aboard their long haul aircraft that would allow for the transportation of a passenger who requires Intensive Care.   Known as the Patient Transport Compartment (PTC), the unit is a fully equipped compartment that provides all of the necessary medical equipment needed to transport a patient requiring specialized medical care.     PTCs are usually used to fly a passenger who is already ill and is traveling to seek treatment.

Up til now, LH’s long haul A330, A340, and 747-400 all had the capacity to provide an airborne ‘ICU’.    Beginning this month,  the 747-8i and A380 fleets will also be certified for PTC use so that this program is now available anywhere on Lufthansa’s long-haul network.


Inside Lufthansa's Passenger Transport Compartment.

Inside Lufthansa’s Passenger Transport Compartment.


The unit itself is a bit of an engineering marvel.   Developed by Lufthansa Technik, it is set up to be a plug-and-play solution.     The PTC can be installed in any long-haul aircraft by simply removing a few rows of seats in the rear part of the center economy section.    The PTC is large enough to keep the patient comfortable as well as provide ample room for the doctor, Lufthansa medical officer or family members of the patient.   The unit is sealed off for the privacy of the patient and for the safety of the other passengers.


An example of the PTC installed aboard a 747-400.

An example of the PTC installed aboard a 747-400.


Passengers who need to be transported in a PTC can contact LH to make arrangements to have the PCT installed for their flight.    For more information, visit LH’s dedicated webpage for this program.