Apologies for not getting this out sooner as I was tied up away from a Wifi connection for most of today…


If your plans call for you to be in Italy tomorrow, be prepared for what is basically going to be a nationwide strike by anyone who works in a transportion related field.

Specific to air travel , Airport personnel at all Italian airports are expected to walk off the job beginning at midnight local time on May 30 and be on strike for 24 hours.    In addition to the airport workers being on strike, there will also be a nationwide strike that will affect all rail and bus operations throughout the country during the day as well.  On top of that, several Italian airlines have indicated that their employees will join the strike in solidarity.  Anything to miss a day at work I guess…..

If your travel plans include flying on Lufthansa  please check the status of your flight using this link.   Should your flight be cancelled, you will be able to rebook your ticket or request a refund.   You can contact Lufthansa’s Italy service center on 199 400 044 24/hrs a a day should you need further help with your travel plans.

As far as I can tell, Lufthansa has already started to cancel SOME flights scheduled for tomorrow and I expect that more cancellations will be added as the strike approaches.