As you may or may not remember, I went on a Mileage Run in December of 2011 to earn my MileagePlus (United) Premier Executive wings and have decided to go back for more!

Having had such a great experience the first time I was there, albeit for 24 hours, I decided to go back to take advantage of certain offers and benefits that will be expiring in the coming days and months. This time I will be there for an entire 48 hours so that will allow me to see the rest of the city (yeah right!!).

Last time, I had stayed at the Grand Hyatt on Hong Kong island and found it to be an amazing property and has become an instant favorite considering how well they took care of me.

On this trip I’m staying with Hyatt again but at their Regency property on the Kowloon side. The reason for the change is so that I can be based more in the heart of Kowloon and have easy access to explore all the markets and streets that are filled with vendors of all things and restaurants that you can count by the hundreds.

I was able to redeem one of my suite upgrades afforded me by having Diamond status with their Gold Passport program so I will have a view of the Harbor again, but from the other side. The Diamond status was a gift that was given by Hyatt to those who attended Star Mega Do 3 (SMD3). Being a Diamond member gives you 4 upgrades from any room to a Suite at participating properties, so since I still have a couple left, I figure to take full advantage of the benefit!

As I mentioned earlier, I decided on this Hong Kong run at the last minute to take advantage of bonus miles and promos that are available now, but will be expiring soon so I needed to get this done in January. Here’s the breakdown of the miles I’ll be earning with the bonuses:

Standard Miles including route minimums: 17,540
100% Elite Status Bonus with MileagePlus: 17,540
100% Bonus Miles for ORD-HKG-ORD flights: 15,540

On March 3, Premier Executive bonuses get cut to 50% and the 100% Bonus miles promo for the specific ORD-HKG-ORD flights expires January 31, so time was of the essence for me to get this trip in before these offers went away.

When I add up the total miles I’ll earn, it comes to a healthy 50,620. Considering what I paid for the ticket, it comes in at well under 3 cents per mile AND thanks to a friend’s gift of SWUs (thanks Pat!!), I will be sitting in business class for the long hauls. So a good deal got even better and I will be able to dig a little deeper into Hong Kong once I get there and do different things compared to my last visit.

If you’d like to see pictures and read about my previous trip, you can find the trip reports here and here.

I’ll be back from Hong Kong with a entirely new set of experiences to share.