I never really saw it coming.

My wife has never been one for worrying about the details behind our travels. She was never interested in the “HOW”, only in the “WHERE” and “WHEN” and “WHAT CLASS (It better be F)”.

The “HOW” has always been my responsibility….from earning miles, credit card promotions, mileage runs, picking restaurants based on Mileage Plus’ dining program, driving to the airport just to check in for 50 miles via TopGuest, the list is long.

Well I think a little bit of what I do has rubbed off on her (or maybe it was her Lufthansa FCT Experience).

She has entered the world of Frequent Flyer Blogging with the launch of her new site, StarAllianceHub.com . She had been toying with the idea for some time and even had a “fake blog” on paper to see if she could come up with content on a regular basis.

Her objective is simple: Follow the Star Alliance Airlines (wonder where she got that from….) and bring to her readers any fare sales, mileage deals or anything else that she thinks will help someone take advantage of what Star Alliance carriers have to offer. Her blog has been “live” for a few days, and I must admit that I am impressed with what she has accomplished. I’m excited to see where she takes her new project. I can only imagine what the conversations over dinner will be now while we compete for content and try to “out-blog” each other!

I could never get her to pick up Golf but I’ve managed to turn her into a blogger…..

I would appreciate it if you could visit her site and take a look for yourself. She’s started to build out some content which will include Star Alliance Lounge Directories, so thats a work in progress that you’ll see over the coming days and weeks. Otherwise her plan is to share 2-3 things each day that she thinks will benefit those who fly Star Alliance Airlines.

A screenshot of her site:

And in equally important news, my Rangers beat up on the Senators, and my Yankees handled the Rangers…..a good day.