Today marks the last day of the Fundraiser being held by Passports With Purpose to help benefit and their goal of bringing fresh drinking water to those in Haiti who need it most.

I’ve relisted my original post introducing the fundraiser, so if you missed it the first time that I wrote about, here is another opportunity for you to become familiar with it.

Remember, for only a $10 donation, you can enter to win one of dozens of prizes, including travel gear, hotel loyalty points, vacation packages, travel vouchers, etc., etc.!!

If you would like to donate to this effort, please follow the link that you’ll find at the bottom of this post. the Fundraiser draws to a close tonight (December 11) at midnight (EST).


This year, I’ve joined Passports With Purpose to help raise funds for as they seek to expand the availability of fresh drinking water in Haiti. The objective for is to build two new wells for two communities in Haiti. If you’ve followed the news over recent years Haiti has been decimated by natural disasters and her citizens continue to struggle with their recovery efforts.

Normally I don’t come to you for your help, but in this case I thought the plight of the Haitian people deserves all of our attention. Passports With Purpose is hoping to raise $100,000.00 to help make these Fresh Water Wells a reality.

They’ve developed a great fund raiser for this cause that not only will raise the money needed for the project, but will give YOU an opportunity to win a fantastic gift as a small token of thanks for your contribution.

The way the fundraiser works is as follows:

The Fundraiser starts on November 28 and ends on December 11 at Midnight (EST)

Each blogger who is participating in this fundraiser has arranged for a prize to be donated to the prize pool that has been built by participating blogs.

With each $10 donation, you are able to choose which gift you would like to be entered to win from among all the donated prizes from all the participating blogs. If you want to enter to win this bag, please make sure to find LufthansaFlyer on the list of participating blogs.

Prize Winners will be contacted on December 18.

Everyone is eligible to enter, just make sure that the prize you choose offers shipping to your country.

I approached American luggage legend Tom Bihn to help with my efforts for this fundraiser and they have been superbly helpful and have donated a Forest Green Western Flyer which is one of their most popular business/overnight travel cases. In addition, the case comes with their optional “Absolute Strap”. The value of the contribution is $240.00 and I am grateful for their contribution!!

The Tom Bihn Western Flyer:

I’ve been a loyal fan of Tom Bihn’s products ever since I purchased a “Super Ego” bag from them. It has traveled over 100,000 miles this year and has been absolutely the perfect bag that compliments my carry-on trolley.

I hope that during this Holiday Season that you can take a moment and for the cost of a pack of cigarettes or a movie ticket can help someone get access to fresh drinking water.

Please use this link to go to and submit your donation.

After your donation is made, you will then be asked to choose which gift you would like to win.

Thank You in advance for your support and I ask that you share/tweet/post this to your social networks. If you can be so kind, please leave a comment on this thread if you had made a donation. I’d like to see how many people participated.