Lufthansa and the union representing their cabin crews failed to reach any semblance of a consensus during an 11th hour meeting in an attempt to head off strikes.

As a result, the union has announced that it will immediately begin planning their schedule of strikes for the coming week (between November 6 and 13).    They indicated that no strikes would take place before 06:00 local Frankfurt time tomorrow.    At the same time however, they suggested that strikes would begin tomorrow and there would be work stoppages.

If your travels include LH over the next week, you should probably call the airline or your travel agent so that you can be reaccommodated.   In the past, LH has made it fairly easy to be rebooked onto another LH Group or Star Alliance member flight.

I’m curious how long it will take for the German public to wake up and see just how destructive this kind of behavior has been to both the airline and the country.   Its one thing for a union to protect an employee and represent their best interests, it’s a wholly other thing to take a company and the public as hostages while they try to extort unreasonable solutions.

Is my opinion obvious?