Lufthansa’s Trip Finder is a handy tool that’s hidden in “plain view” on that will help you pick potential travel destinations based on your budget and travel preferences. It’s certainly a useful tool when you are looking to book a trip but can’t decide where to go and when you want to stay within a certain budget.

Trip Finder is designed to take into consideration your travel budget and then make recommendations based on your preferences and Lufthansa’s fare table. The way it works is simple:

First, you tell Trip Finder where you are departing from and use the slider to establish your airfare budget (per person). I’ll use a departure from New York City with a budget of $500-1500 as an example:

Next, Trip Finder returns with it’s results showing you where your budget can take you. On this screen you can also drop down the “Activities” Tab to select your preferences. Options include destinations that specialize in shopping, dining, outdoors, golf, diving, museums, historical sites, etc. Also on this screen you can use the “Countries” drop down tab to select or deselect countries based on your preferences:

In the following example, I wanted to travel from New York to a “Diving” destination that fit within my budget. I selected “Diving” from the “Activity” drop down tab and Trip Finder comes back with the following potential destinations that are associated with Diving:

In this case, I never knew that Palma de Mallorca was a Diving destination so I select it and Trip Finder provides me with the lowest fare possible for a certain date:

Choosing “CONTINUE” from this screen then takes you to Lufthansa’s fare booking page and you can go ahead and book your travel.

I like this tool for a couple of reasons. First, it recommends destinations (based on your budget) which makes its great to use because it can introduce you to places you may have not considered or thought you can afford (Example: I never knew I can dive in Palma!). Additionally, it works within your paramaters so there is no disappointment when you find a place that you want to go, only to find out you may not be able to afford the trip.

The next time you are getting a case of “cabin fever” and are looking for a getaway but just can’t think of where you can go with the dollars you have to spend, why not let Trip Finder narrow down some ideas for you? The results may surprise you!

To begin using Trip Finder, Follow this LINK to it’s Home Page.