I spent the last few days in Hong Kong and after several visits I finally made it to the Peak to take in Hong Kong’s beauty as the sun set.   The last 2 or 3 times in HKG, poor weather always played a determining factor and kept me from going.   On one of my first visits 2 years ago, I went to the peak very early in the morning but seeing the skyline at night is literally a ‘night and day difference’.

Reaching the peak is easy.  From the Hong Kong MTR station it is a short walk or cab ride to the Peak Tram Station (which has be in operation since 1888) or you can take cab for about $35 HKD.    On this trip we chose the cab ride all the way because we were heading up at dusk (prime time for viewing) and were afraid that the queue would be too long and that we would miss the best parts during sunset.

The highest public view point (as far as I know) is found on the Sky Terrace observation deck which affords a 360 degree view from one of Hong Kong’s highest elevations.   Admission to the Sky Terrace is only $40 HKD (about $5 US) making it one of Hong Kong’s most economical tourist ‘must-dos’.

Weather cooperated, except for the 30 to 40 MPH gusts of winds that were part of the outer bands of Typhoon Haiyan.   Having a weighted tripod helped keep the camera steady which allowed for some decent shots of Hong Kong and Kowloon.   Here are some of my favorite:


Peak 1

We reached the peak with about 30 minutes left before sunset. Dusk really begins to bring out the best of the skyline.


Peak 2

City lights begin to make an impact

Peak 3

One of the only places in the world where you can look down at skyscrapers and still have your feet on the ground!

Peak 5

The show begins in earnest…..

Peak 6

Looking down into Hong Kong

Peak 7

Note the message on one of the buildings…..

Peak 9

Yet another message!