To celebrate Bavaria’s Oktoberfest, Lufthansa will be showing off their “Trachten Crew” during the festival season.

The Trachten Crew is a 14 member flight crew team that has been together for 7 years. They will be sporting their traditional “Dirndl” costumes on flights from Munich to points throughout the world during Oktoberfest. According to Lufthansa, the male flight attendants for the first time will be dressed in their traditional Lederhosen.

The debut of this year’s Trachten Crew will be on Lufthansa Flight 412 from Munich to Newark on Friday, September 21.

The Trachten Crew will also be on the flight from Munich to Charlotte on September 28 (Lufthansa flight 428) and they will fly back to Munich the following day on Lufthansa flight 429.

The Trachten team is scheduled to show off their Bavarian pride on additional routes worldwide during Okotberfest, including on flights to and from New York and Hong Kong.

FYI, if you are flying to or from Munich in First Class, make sure to claim your souvenir Bavarian Duck celebrating the festival as well. You’ll find them at the First Class Lounge and they are unique to Munich.

There is a male and female version: