According to this article, Washington is preparing to slash the budget on the program that allows pilots to carry a firearm in the cockpit during flight. The current budget of 25 million dollars may be cut in half which in effect may end the program. It seems like Washington spends more on programs far less important than something that allows pilots to defend themselves and their airlines, but I guess Washington has made little if any sense lately. Citing the article, the Airline Pilots association breaks down the cost of the program to $15.00 per flight.

Thats right, apparently it costs only $15 a flight for a pilot to have the training and ability to have a firearm in the cockpit. But yet Washington deems this an expense not worth having in the budget and feels that taxpayer money is better spent on something like providing food aid to North Korea rather than help protect Americans.

We are subjected to all sorts of weird fees and surcharges on our airline tickets that fall into oblivion yet there’s not enough funding to cover an airline captains ability to protect his or her aircraft? We pay for the three ring circus called the TSA yet $15 per flight is too much to bear?

Another interesting point made in the article is the fact that there was a program prior to the 9/11 attacks that allowed pilots to be armed, but the program was terminated the summer before the attacks. Take that for what it’s worth……