As I was watching the Travel Channel last night, a commercial advertising a new show caught my eye. Starting on April 11, there will be a show that involves the auctions of lost luggage. Yes, reality TV has run out of ideas to such an extent that it has plumbed new depths in viewer entertainment. I guess billionaire rednecks, rookie gold miners and multi-millionaire “good ‘ol boys” who make duck calls are no longer good enough! (Don’t get me wrong, I catch myself watching these shows).

The new show, called “Baggage Battles” will be based on 3 teams of auction goers that travel to auctions around the US and the World that specifically deal with lost and abandoned airline luggage. The first episode will kick off at Miami’s International Airport.

Apparently there are auctions that can be attended where you can buy lost luggage at wholesale. I doubt that the Travel Channel would put together a show that doesn’t have some great surprises as far as what’s uncovered in these auctions. It’s piqued my curiosity enough to make sure my DVR is set to record the show and at least give it a chance.

Up until now, the only thing I knew about what happens to lost luggage is that some of it makes it to a store in Scottsboro, Alabama called The Unclaimed Baggage Center where lost luggage goes and it’s contents are put on sale to the public. If anyone has ever been there, I’d be curious to hear your opinion……

If you’ve ever lost a piece of luggage, you may want to tune in……..your long lost suitcase may have become a TV Star!