EDIT:  Initially I wrote about Business Fare deals only to Italy, but after looking at more options, other European destinations such as Paris and London have similar deals available!

EDIT 2:  This is not a Fare error situation.  The fares are valid as long as seats are available.

This certainly looks to be a fantastic but short term offer, but for the time being you can book BUSINESS CLASS travel on Lufthansa from the USA to several cities in EUROPE for only $1500 R/T.    This is about 25-30% of what the normal Business Class fare would be between the US and Italy.   It’s almost like getting Business Class for the price of economy!

When pricing like this happens, it may be very short lived so you may want to take advantage of the deals in the next few hours.   Looking at sample bookings, available is fairly wide open from late June through early August and a variety of cities in Europe seem to be eligible, including Paris, Rome, Venice, London and others.

Let me know if you have any luck taking advantage of some excellent pricing!  It looks like booking is also possible Swiss, Austrian, Brussels, United and Air Canada.

Looks like a 60 day advance ticket purchase is required as well as a Saturday or Sunday night stay.

H/T – Pat with a bunch of #’s!