Lufthansa has quietly launched a fantastic First Class fare sale.    Before you get too excited there are a few provisions that you have to abide by.

First, the sale is a 2 for 1 deal, so you have to buy 2 tickets in order to take advantage of the pricing.

Next, your travel must originate from an Austrian airport, including but not limited to Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Salzburg, etc. and connect through either Munich or Frankfurt.  You’ll also need to return to Austria.

The destinations are limited to Asia (including India), Africa and South America.   From doing a quick fare search, I was not able to find any deals to North America.  Also, not every date or routing has this fare available.  It is a bit of hit-n-miss and a bit of luck.

However, you can find fantastic deals like Graz to Hong Kong for only €2390 per person.    That’s less than a typical Business Class seat and you also get to enjoy things like Caviar, Rimowa Amenity Kits and visits to the First Class Lounges and First Class Terminal!

Other fare examples include Rio for €3500, Beijing / Shanghai for €2999, Johannesburg for €3500 and Dubai for €2499.


The rules of the fares are as follows:

The fares are available for booking until August 13 (or when sold out).

Travel must take place between August 13, 2015 and  March 31, 2016.

Tickets must be purchased 14 days prior to departure.

Your connecting flight from Austria to Germany will be in Business Class.

The Fares appear to booking to ‘A’ so you’ll earn 3x/miles.



Hopefully your travel plans are flexible enough so that you can take advantage of this great offer!

Please note, if you are having trouble finding the fares online, you may need to call the reservation center since this is considered a companion fare and may not be properly loaded into their online reservation systems.

You can also contact for assistance in booking this fare.  I’ve used them successfully in building mileage runs and taking advantage of fare sales and recommend them highly!

A big H/T to FlyerTalk’s Oliver2002!