Today marks the 50% benchmark of Lufthansa’s Premium Economy rollout.    In total, 53 aircraft now combine to provide passengers with approximately 2,000 Premium Economy seats.  As of today, 33 LH destinations have Premium Economy available to passengers.

Specifically, all 747-8i and A380 aircraft have been retrofitted.   15 out of 18 Munich-Based A340-600 along with both Dusseldorf-based A340-300s are complete as well.

Going forward, the remainder of the A340-300 fleet is scheduled to be completed in the next few weeks, followed by the 747-400s and  Frankfurt-based A340-600s which will start their conversions by September, and be completed by year end.  All A330 aircraft will also be finished by the end of the year.   Additionally, all of the ‘JUMP’ based A340-300s will also be finished this year as well.

Keep in mind that these dates are soft targets and some adjustments to the timeline should be expected.

By the way, Lufthansa is currently running a Premium Economy Sale….