As we get closer to the debut of Lufthansa’s 747-8i which should happen in April based on latest projections, I though I would share this video from Boeing. The statistics behind the paint are amazing. Statistics such as the paint coat being as thin as a human hair are hard to fathom. The “several hundred kilos” of paint that are used is another impressive number. Hope you enjoy!

Before you ask, Lufthansa has not yet made any public announcements regarding the first route that will be flown by the new 747. I suspect that they will rotate the 747-8i on various routes to show it off around the world. There will be another one delivered shortly after the first one is handed over so there is a good chance you’ll be able to see one or be on one sooner than later!

They did this kind of “route tour” with the A380 and I suspect they may follow a similar plan with the 747-8i. Eventually 20 of them will cover the globe.


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