One of Lufthansa’s most historic and important pieces of ‘DNA’ has finally been recognized for her achievements and contributions as she approaches her 80th Birthday.

Many of you will recognize the phrase ‘Tante Ju’. If you do not, it is the term of endearment bestowed upon Lufthansa’s Junkers Ju52 that had been saved and restored. Most importantly, it is still in active passenger service and graces airports all around Europe during summers.

Personally, I came within a thunderstorm of being one of her passengers.   Unfortunately, my flight was cancelled and I’ll have to try again this year…..

Built in 1936, this gem has recently been honored by the Heritage of Hamburg Cultural Authority by being designated as a moving “Historic Monument”. With this designation, ‘Tante Ju’ has been officially recognized as a part of commercial aviation history and will be protected by all the rules and regulations that are afforded to historic landmarks.

In order to receive this recognition, an aircraft needs to be at least 30 years old and must have been restored and preserved to its original condition. Additionally a commitment needed to be made by her care takers to continue providing this kind of care.

Old meets new when this A380 and Ju52 met up in Hamburg - photo courtesy of Lufthansa

Old meets new when this A380 and Ju52 met up in Hamburg – photo courtesy of Lufthansa

Today, Tante Ju is in the good hands of Lufthansa Berlin Stiftung whose sole responsibility is to preserve and restore some of Lufthansa’s most iconic aircraft.  For those of you unaware, you can actually purchase tickets for touring flights on ‘Tante Ju’ that are held at airports throughout Germany (and even some parts of Europe) during the summer. For more information on her schedule and booking tickets, click here. Please note that tickets tend to sell out quickly!

As is stands now, ‘Tante Ju’ will be officially honored with this Historic Moving Monument designation at a special ceremony to be held during Hamburg Airport Days in August.