Lufthansa has announced the addition of a dedicated Sports Channel to it’s aircraft that are currently equipped with FlyNet internet technology. The channel will be integrated into it’s existing Inflight Entertainment (IFE) systems. There will be no cost for viewing this channel even though it is being transmitted via FlyNet.

The channel will deliver live broadcasts of high profile sporting events throughout the year, so expect events like The Super Bowl, Wimbledon, UEFA Cup (including opening match, all German matches and the finals), Premier League Soccer, Bundesliga, Formula 1 races, Golf tournaments including the Ryder Cup and the 2012 Summer Olympics to be available for viewing during your flights.

Currently Lufthansa is working through retrofitting it’s long haul fleet to ensure all long haul aircraft will have FlyNet. A large portion of their A330 and A340 fleet is already equipped and the rest of the fleet is catching up quickly. The 747’s and A380’s will be equipped next (Some 747’s have already been through the conversion). My understanding according to Lufthansa is that the first 2 747-8i’s will not initially have FlyNet, but the 3rd 747-8i is expected to come equipped with FlyNet. That schedule of course is subject to change.