Earlier this week, the FAA sent out a directive to operators of the Boeing 747-8i warning of a software fault that would create a dangerous condition at landing.   In the directive the FAA suggested that should a 747-8i need to abort a landing or go back into ‘Air Mode’ near or right after landing, the software would not allow a change in hydraulic pressure needed to reset the engine thrust reversers.  This would leave an aircraft at risk of not having enough speed to go back into ‘Air Mode’.

Lufthansa has announced that NONE of the 11 747-8i in the fleet are subject to this directive as they have already had the software upgrade applied well in the past.   This will also apply to D-ABYN which will be the 12th 747-8i to join the fleet sometime in the next week or 2.

Other 747-8i operators are required to make sure this software update is executed by April 9.