Lufthansa recently provided an update to  it’s planned aircraft operations for long haul service for the Winter 2013/14 timetable.   This is a normal event where an airline will swap out different aircraft types due to seasonal demand, as well as to take care of maintenance and cabin upgrades.   This is an initial list that has been provided by LH.  I suspect additional updates to come over the next few months.



Frankfurt-Abu Dhabi-Muscat beginning on December 4 will be flown by an Airbus A330-300 (replacing an A340-300).

Frankfurt-Bangalore beginning December 1 will be flown by a Boeing 747-400 (replacing the 747-8i).

Frankfurt-Beijing beginning December 1 will be flown by a Boeing 747-8i (replacing the A380).

Frankfurt-Doha-Bahrain beginning December 29 will be flown by an A330-300 (replacing an A340-300)

Frankfurt-Johannesburg resumes A380 service on October 27.

Frankfurt-Shanghai beginning October 27 will see the A380 daily except Monday and Wednesday.  Mondays and Wednesdays will see the 747-400.

Frankfurt-Tokyo (NRT) beginning October 27 will be flown by a 747-400 (replacing an A380).