In a positive development concerning the drawn out saga between Lufthansa and the Union that represents the majority of their pilots, both sides have agreed to enter arbitration in an attempt to resolve differences.

Details are yet to be revealed but it appears that the process should keep the threat of strikes away during the arbitration, perhaps putting off the threat of strikes well into late summer.   This should come as good news to all those planning their summer Holidays.

However, there is a moderate threat of widespread Air Traffic Controller strikes throughout Europe during June.

Apparently, Air Traffic Controllers are ‘displeased’ at an EU proposal that would centralize ATC operations under one European umbrella vs. the current system where each country maintains air traffic control for its respective airspace.  The big fear that controllers have is the potential for widespread job loss due to the centralization of ATC operations.   A meeting of union members next week will determine if any strikes will be called during June.