Lufthansa has announced that it has NO plans to alter its timetable for flights between Germany and Turkey.   This announcement also covers SWISS service from Zurich.

Barring any other events in Turkey operations will function as normal.  However if you would like to confirm your flights, you can do so on LUFTHANSA’s Flight Status webpage.

In additional news related to events in Turkey,  the FAA has temporarily banned any Airline or private operator from operating flights between the US and Turkey.   This also includes airlines that use a 3rd country in the routing as long as one of the stops involves Turkey.    A fictional example would be a flight that originated in Turkey, had a stop in Frankfurt, and then continued to the US.   That aircraft would be banned from US airspace.

According to the FAA, this is being done out of an abundance of caution as security at Turkish airports is currently not to the standards required by the FAA.