Avgeeks rejoice!

Only a few hours before Lufthansa’s first A350 heads for home to Munich, Lufthansa has announced the initial schedule of training flights that are set to take place around Germany during the next week.   The flights will be used to certify cockpit crew ahead of the aircraft entering service on February 10.   The flights will also take place prior to LH Technik getting their hands on the plane in order to install the interior, including cabins, galleys, etc.

The first draft of the schedule is as follows below.  More flights will be added over the coming days, but for now here is where you can go to catch a glimpse of the new bird:

December 22, 2016:

11:00a Departure from Munich with a landing in Stuttgart at 11:30a.

11:30a departure from Stuttgart with a landing in Ingolstadt at 12:00p.  The A350 will execute a series of take offs and landings until 2:00p.

2:30p Arrival back in Munich.


December 23, 2016:

11:00 a departure from Munich with a landing in Nurnberg at 11:30a.  Touch and go landing at Nurnberg.

11:30 departure from Nurnberg with a landing at Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden at 12:00.  The A350 will execute a series of take offs and landings until 3:00p.

3:00p departure from Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden with a touch and go at Nurnberg at 3:30p

3:30 departure from Nurnberg, arriving in Munich at 4:00p


Keep in mind this is a very fluid schedule and can change with little or no notice.   I’ll post updates as they become available.