Lufthansa Schedule Management updated the timetable for service between Munich and Seoul to reflect the A350 flying the route on certain days in February and March.   These flights are normally operated by the Airbus A340 so it’s interesting that they reduced capacity between MUC and ICN during the Olympics on certain flights.

In February, the A350 is scheduled to fly from Munich to Seoul on:

February 1,  February 4, February 5, February 8, February 15, February 19, and February 22.

In March, the A350 will fly between Munich and Seoul on:

March 5, March 8, March 12, March 15, March 19, and March 22.

This latest update comes after Lufthansa had previously assigned the A350 to Seoul for this coming February, only to cancel plans back in May 2017.   Apparently they changed their minds and decided to bring the A350 to Seoul at least for a handful of flights.