As Lufthansa refines their timetable for Spring and Summer 2017 and beyond, they’ve released a few updates as it pertains to operations out of Munich:

Munich – Denver effective May 1 will be flown by an A340-600, which replaces an Airbus A330 on the route.

Munich – Miami effective between March 26 and April 30 will be flown by an A340-600, replacing an A330 on the route.   The A330 returns on May 1.

Munich – Riyadh effective March 26 decreases from 4x/week service to 3x/week service.

Munich – Tehran effective October 30 (Fall/Winter 17/18) will be reduced from 4x/week to 3x/week.

Munich – Vancouver effective May 1 will be served exclusively by an A330  vs a combination of A340 & A330 flights.