Lufthansa has published a special timetable to take into account the strike that will impact operations tomorrow.   As I mentioned yesterday, the strike will be far reaching and will impact a substantial part of LH’s schedule tomorrow.

Based on the latest news, LH has cancelled 876 of their 3200 regularly scheduled flights, so the impact is not as bad as I had feared, nor is it as bad as past strikes where nearly every flight would be canceled for the day.  The strike only impacts mainline operations.

 Lufthansa has published a special web-page that allows you to check on the status of your flights.

If you need to change your flight, you have a few options:  Check your reservation on to see if you were already taken care of by Lufthansa, call your local LH reservation office (but expect a long hold time), or contact your travel agent if you used one to book your ticket.

Also, you can keep tabs on the latest developments via Lufthansa’s dedicated Twitter account for LH news:  @LufthansaNews.    They do an excellent job with providing the most up to date info as it becomes available.

Though the number seems high, LH has always done a good job with re-accommodating passengers to other flight with other carriers, even non-Lufthansa Group airlines.    So even with nearly 1,000 flights canceled for tomorrow there is a good chance that the majority of impacted passengers will still be able to reach their destination.

It was a s**t move by the union to call the strike on the day before Thanksgiving, which is the busiest travel day of the year for the USA.  But it is what it is when you’re dealing with a bunch of uber cry-babies that represent Lufthansa’s pilots and influence them so badly.  It’s asinine stunts like this that make it difficult for Lufthansa to settle the dispute.   Cancelling nearly 1,000 flights on a very busy travel day is no way to extend any sense of goodwill when LH is trying to work towards a solution.  Where I come from we call it bush league bulls–t.