LUFTHANSA has announced that it will be adding to their US destinations.

Beginning on April 29, passengers will be able to fly between San Jose, California and Frankfurt.  The new service will operate 5 days week (No service on Tuesdays or Thursdays) and will be be flown by a ‘mainline’ 3-class (Business / Premium Economy /Economy) A340 aircraft until June 30 when the route will transfer to Lufthansa’s ‘Cityline’ division.

Once under Cityline it will still be flown by an A340, but a higher density version as far as passenger capacity is concerned.  Fewer Business Class and Premium Economy seats will be available once that transition takes place on June 30.


The flight details are as follows:

Flight LH488 will depart FRANKFURT at 10:40a and arrive in SAN JOSE (SJC) at 1:40p.

Flight LH489 will depart SAN JOSE at 3:20p and arrive in FRANKFURT at 11:35 the following morning.


Booking is now open on this new route!
In addition to this announcement, LH has made several other updates to the timetable for next year.   I’ll provide that info in a post later today.