LUFTHANSA has begun to introduce their timetable for Winter 2014/15 that will feature the debut of their new Premium Economy Seat.

The 747-8i aircraft will the first to see Premium Economy seats when they begin to roll out on December 10. According to my sources with LH, more information will be forthcoming that will give details that are specific to aircraft and routes.


For now, the following routes will see the Premium Economy Seats at some point during the Winter 2014/15 timetable:


US Destinations:

Frankfurt – Chicago
Frankfurt – Washington DC
Frankfurt – Los Angeles (Spring 2015 / March at earliest)

Latin/South America Destinations:

Frankfurt – Buenos Aires
Frankfurt – Mexico City
Frankfurt – Sao Paulo

Asia Destinations:

Frankfurt – Beijing
Frankfurt – Hong Kong
Frankfurt – Seoul

More destinations will have the new Premium Economy introduced during 2015, but that is contingent upon the receipt of new 747-8i from Boeing and the retrofit of the existing fleet.  The first A380 is currently set to debut Premium Economy Seats sometime in late March.   Please bear in mind that this is a very tentative timeline and is subject to change.