Just a quick update as far as the pilot strike is concerned.   Lufthansa has begun to cancel flights (3800 so far) ahead of the 3 day strike planned for April 2 through April 4.    However, flights departing the USA are being canceled that depart on April 1 since they would be arriving on April 2 in Europe.

Here is the list that has been provided by Lufthansa so far.   Expect more flights cancellations to be announced today and tomorrow.

LH has announced that it will rebook passengers affected by the strike at no cost.  You can take care of your booking yourself by visiting this Lufthansa webpage.

Also, you can Use this link to determine the best phone number to contact based on your location if you can not access your reservation online to make necessary changes.

You can also follow this FlyerTalk thread dedicated to the strike which may provide updates faster than I can publish them!