With the launch of Apple’s iOS 6 operating system, Lufthansa passengers can now use the ‘Passbook’ App to retrieve and store their boarding passes.

Gone are the days of needing to be connected to the internet to retrieve mobile boarding passes moments before passing through security or boarding. Now, when you check-in online for your flight you can choose to have your boarding passes sent to ‘Passbook’ for retrieval at anytime, anyplace regardless of internet connectivity. The app is intuitive enough to know your flight information and will automatically bring your boarding pass to your ‘lock’ screen at the appropriate time.

To start using the App for Lufthansa boarding passes, use the Passbook app to download the Lufthansa Passbook ‘plug-in’.

In a planned update set for later this year, Lufthansa will add an ‘Update’ feature that will automatically update your boarding pass should gate or other departure information change. This ‘Update’ feature will be automatic and not require you to do anything.

The timing of this is perfect, in a few days I’ll be flying to Germany and Slovakia with the new iPhone 5 that I got today, so I’ll be able to see just how well this app works!!