Most of you may have seen this, so apologies in advance. With me being in Singapore and with time zone differences and WIFI wonky-ness, I haven’t been able to keep close tabs on whats been happening with the cabin crew strike.

However, the union has called its most aggressive move to date, and will strike for an entire 24 hour period on Friday, 7 September. The strike is set to begin at 12:01a Friday and last through 11:59p.

UFO’s “leadership” has called on Lufthansa to enter mediation at which point the union would stop these strike actions, but as of now Lufthansa has decline to do so stating that it’s current offer is worth serious consideration and does not require being mediated.

Currently, there are approximately 22 flights cancelled for today, and 2 are cancelled for tomorrow. Most of the flights are either intra-Germany or intra-Europe at this point. Only Delhi and Dubai have been canceled as far as true “international” flights are concerned.

To see the complete list of cancelled flights, please visit Lufthansa’s Flight Cancellation Update webpage.

I have about 20 hours of flights coming up in the next 24 hours, and after that I’ll finally be able to keep track of the strike in “real time”.