OK, this Business Fare sale is not nearly as good as the “Great Fare War of April 2014” where we saw a myriad of Business Class fares to Europe for as low as $1500.  However, the fares in this sale are still attractive and are about 50% lower than usual.   Additionally, the travel window is quite large giving you plenty of opportunities.

The fare sale runs until July 2, 2014.   Departures must take place between June 27 and August 30 and return flights must take place between July 7 and November 30.   Tickets must be purchased 60 days ahead of your desired departure date.

Most fares from Lufthansa’s East Coast Gateways start in the high $2000 range, with the best deals coming from New York to Munich for only $2900.  Otherwise, you’ll see fares along the east coast ranging in the low $3000 area.    West Coast departures (LAX and SFO) run in the mid $6000 range making it less attractive than an East Coast departure.

In looking at some sample bookings, there are several instances where the flights are actually operated by United or Air Canada, so be mindful when booking your tickets especially if you are looking to enjoy LH’s hospitality.   Another reason to pay attention to the operating carrier is because of the miles that you may OR MAY NOT earn for your frequent flyer program.   The fares for this sale are booking into ‘P’ class which is a deep discount Business fare class.   As the saying goes, Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) based on the frequent flyer program that you credit miles to.