Lufthansa has launched a Business Class fare sale that has very attractive pricing between New York and a number of European destinations.

For example, New York to Istanbul can be had for only $2,400.   New York to most of Germany is pricing between $2300 and $3000.   Unfortunately not every major LH destination in Europe is part of this sale, nor is any other USA Gateway as far as I can tell.   But I didn’t have time to search out every US Gateway.

The terms of the fare sale are confusing this time as well.   In the detailed terms and conditions, it says travel has to start December 18 and a 28 day advance purchase is required.  However I was able to find the $2400-$2500 fares available beginning in mid November.    The return period also is generous as these low fares.   Lufthansa’s terms and conditions state return travel needs to be completed by July 2017, but I found the low fares available all the way to the end of September which is as far out as possible that you can book a flight at this point.

So I don’t know if this is a fare error or not, but the pricing is not matching the terms and restrictions at this point.    It looks like you can book a very attractive Business Class seat to parts of Europe almost a year out for a great price.   Take advantage!