Lufthansa recently started their Summer Business Class Fare Sale and there are some great deals to be had. I always get excited when I can book a business class ticket to Europe for well under $3000.00. There have been pockets of Business Class Tickets on SWISS for under $3000 that I’ve been able to easily find as well. Looks like Lufthansa wants to put people in Business Class so who are we to refuse their generosity! 🙂

You can visit Lufthansa’s Business Class Sale page here

The A380 is available for booking with this promotion so for those who have not yet experienced the “Flagship”, this is a great chance. Or you might book the “right” route and be lucky enough to find yourself sitting in the NEW BUSINESS CLASS SEAT on the 747-8i (Lufthansa 747-8i pics here) that should be patrolling the skies for Lufthansa this summer!

Sample Fares: