Lufthansa has announced that beginning with the Summer 2015 timetable, all long-haul flights operated by LH will feature their new concept in Business Class hospitality referred to as Business Class Signature Service.

Up until recently, this concept was in pilot phase and was tested on random long haul flights for several months.   After feedback from crew and passengers, LH has decided to make it permanent and use it to build upon their quest to become a 5 Star airline.

The concept is designed to allow flight attendants to focus on a limited amount of passengers during a flight in the hopes of personalizing the experience for the passenger.   As part of the program’s design, flight attendants will have the responsibility for only a group of 8-12 passengers.

With Business Class Signature, the number of flight attendants on a give long-haul flight may be adjusted to account for large load factors.  For example, with full Business Class loads on the 747-8i or A380, it would result in additional flight attendants being assigned in order to keep the ratio of passengers to flight attends at no more than 12:1.  In a long haul aircraft, this typically results in a flight attendant working an area of only 2-3 rows, giving him or her more opportunities to interact with their passengers.

I’ve yet to experience this product since the tests were only done on a handful of flights, however I have had several readers comment to me on how much better and different this new experience has been.

There are additional test flights scheduled in November and December for this new program.   Passengers flying between Frankfurt and Shanghai may find this service in November, while Munich – Haneda passengers may experience Business Class Signature Service in December.
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